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Reheat Steak. Let me show you the best way to reheat steak using the air fryer. Tested with sirloin, ribeye, and rump, backed by Chef Dom, this is your ultimate guide of how to reheat steak.

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Reheat Steak

2002 was the year that I ate the most steak I had ever eaten. I was 20 years old, and Kyle was less than a year old. Our household income was incredibly low, but we didn’t care because we got cheap steak!

Dominic worked for a meat processing factory and would specialise in trimming the bone from the beef ribs.

On a Friday night you could purchase any type of beef that you wanted for about 70% less than the market value.

It was amazing and we had a freezer full of topside, silverside, sirloin steaks and ribeye.

It was the equivalent of paying just $1 per 8 oz sirloin steak.

On a Friday night we would have steak, fries and usually a steak sauce too and it was amazing.

But because we were getting the steak in big pieces and cutting it down, we always had too much.

And that started our obsession with reheating our steak leftovers.

All these years later we are still reheating steak, but we have a better way of doing it, which we are going to show you today.

Can You Reheat Steak?

Absolutely. Steak is fantastic for reheating and you can reheat any type of steak. Imagine your leftover fillet steak, ribeye steak, rump steak or sirloin steak, back to its former glory.

As well as reheating your leftover steak you follow our guide to reheat fries and then have a plate of leftover steak and fries to tuck into.

Can You Reheat Steak Twice?

No, you can’t. That is because for food safety reasons meat can only be reheated once.

Therefore, if you have a lot of steak that needs reheating, only do enough for one portion and then reheat the rest of your steak later.

Can You Reheat Steak In An Air Fryer?

Yes, you can. And reheating steak in the air fryer is AMAZING. You see, if you reheat steak on the stovetop you are likely to forget how long you have been reheating the steak or do the wrong temperature. Or cook the steak on a full flame.

Whilst when you reheat steak in the air fryer you can choose the right temperature and it will beep when its done. Kind of a bit like when you do the sous vide thing where you can control the temperature.

Best Way To Reheat Steak?

As I am sure you have guessed the best way to reheat steak is in the air fryer.

The air fryer stops your steak from drying out, you can do leftover fries at the same time, you can add extra sauce to your steak and give it the wow factor.

Even better, with the air fryer you can keep the steak at the level you originally cooked it at. Love your steak medium rare, then you will be pleased to reheat your steak to medium rare.

Or let’s say you are making your steak ahead. You can purposely under cook your steak to guarantee the correct doneness.

How Do You Reheat Steak In An Air Fryer?

When I decided to show you how you reheat steak, I decided that I must try it on a few different steaks for you.

We were creating our air fryer ribeye steak, air fryer sirloin steak and air fryer rump steak recipes the day before. Much to my son Kyle’s disgust I told him he couldn’t eat it all now, as we were reheating the steak the next day.

As you can imagine he was not happy!

What I did first though (which will give you a giggle) is I labelled them up. I was sure that I would forget which one was which and placed a post it note over each, like you can see below:

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Then the next day I air fried them one by one.

The sirloin, rump, and ribeye where all a similar size and each were cooked on each side and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Note, that the salt and pepper is a must and must be treated like a brand new steak. This is because when steak is left in the fridge overnight it strips the salt and pepper flavour from it. Its like you now have a steak that is free of seasoning.

Of course, because the steak is already cooked it doesn’t take as long as a brand new steak.

How To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

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If you want to reheat steak in the air fryer then this is how it’s done:

  1. Load leftover steak into the air fryer and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Air fry.
  3. Turn
  4. Air fry + serve.

This is the simple air fryer version of reheating leftover steak.

Note that because your job is just to reheat and not to cook your steak, you can place different steaks in the air fryer together. For example, in the picture below we air fried rump, sirloin and ribeye:

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How Long To Reheat Steak In Air Fryer?

The cook time for reheating steak in the air fryer is FAST. In fact, we only reheated our steak for 6 minutes on each side.

Though, you can speed up this time by chopping your steak into chunks and then doing just 4 minutes on each side instead.

How To Reheat Steak Without Overcooking?

The secret to reheating steak without overcooking or without drying it out is the temperature.

When reheating steak, the best temperature to reheat at is 160c/320f and absolutely NO preheat.

Reheating Steak – The Verdict

As you know we tried rump, sirloin, and ribeye. They were all reheated for the same amount of time in the air fryer and had the same seasonings.

They all tasted just as good as when they were originally cooked. There was no rubbery steak to worry about.

  • Reheated Sirloin Steak – this was my personal favourite. It was so flavoursome, and I was supposed to share it with the kids but could not help going back for more.
  • Reheated Ribeye Steak – this was restaurant quality steak. Very tender and juicy. It surprised us by how juicy it was for a steak that had been reheated.
  • Reheated Rump Steak – I was concerned about reheating rump steak because it is often known as being a chewier steak. After all, it will never be in the league of ribeye, sirloin, or fillet. The rump steak was delicious and it was not chewy but I felt it was not as good as the sirloin steak.

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Reheat Steak In Air Fryer

Reheat Steak. Let me show you the best way to reheat steak using the air fryer. Tested with sirloin, ribeye, and rump, backed by Chef Dom, this is your ultimate guide of how to reheat steak.

Prep Time1 minute min

Cook Time12 minutes mins

Total Time13 minutes mins

Course: Main Course

Cuisine: Air Fryer

Servings: 2

Calories: 705kcal



Kitchen Gadgets:


  • 3 Leftover Steak



  • Load leftover steak in your air fryer basket and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 6 minutes at 160c/320f.

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  • Turn your steak over, season and cook for a further 6 minutes at the same temperature.

    Recipe This | Reheat Steak In Air Fryer (10)

  • Serve and enjoy!

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Temperature. Avoid a high temperature when reheating in the air fryer. Cooking at 200c/400f will result in your steak becoming dried out and ruined.

Chunks. If you have just leftover chunks rather than a full steak, I recommend 4 minutes on each side instead.

Thanks for reading how to reheat steak on Recipe This. We have many more air fryer recipes for you to check out next. Though if you would like to learn more about reheating food, check out reheat pizza in air fryer next.


Calories: 705kcal | Protein: 68g | Fat: 48g | Saturated Fat: 21g | Cholesterol: 207mg | Sodium: 176mg | Potassium: 909mg | Vitamin A: 51IU | Calcium: 24mg | Iron: 6mg

Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.

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Recipe This | Reheat Steak In Air Fryer (2024)


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